How did you develop the characters in THE NOODLE CLUB?
The characters were the easy part—Josie was indeed, the “icon” of Lucerne and Pat is a dear friend.

What is the “conflict” in THE NOODLE CLUB and how did you develop this in the story?
True, every great story needs a conflict and so, I decided to have Mother Nature step up to the plate. What would be more fitting for Florida than to have the blue and white skyline turn to gray with the threat of an afternoon storm moving slowly overhead? While brief, I designed the sky darkening as a small damper on the dear, old friends, as they plan their potluck gathering. By the time the celebration begins, the storm has passed and everyone enjoys the shared dishes and dancing to the music in the clubhouse, telling stories of days gone by while treasuring their dear friendships.

What are you currently writing?
Right now, I am working on two stories…THE LOVEBUG CONNECTION and ENTWINED, the Dance of the Pygmy Seahorse. I will finish writing these two children’s picture books over the summer in San Diego. Following this, both will be illustrated and should be released in early 2016, respectively.

What is your next book to be released and what is it about?
PROTECTIVE HANDS COMMUNICATIONS, my Publisher and Editor, Mr. Steve White, are in layout for text and design for SASHA’S BIRTHDAY PARTY. This is a dog birthday party story for children to enjoy. Adorable Sasha, a Chihuahua and the main character, along with Moo-moo, a white Bichon-Frise is an adopted dog who lives on Key Lime Street. Sasha has her backyard birthday party complete with hoop toss, doggie relay and decorated cupcakes. Conflict rises as the birthday celebration continues when Sasha realizes that Moo-moo is not at her party!

After this discovery, the entire party, adorned with birthday caps—Mike and Ike, Toby, Monsoon, Pixie, Buster and Joe and Rocky, prance over to Moo-moo’s house to personally bring her back to the party, making her feel welcome and “fitting in” with the others. At the end, Sasha and Moo-moo sleep under the dark sky filled with shining, brilliant stars—they become “best friends” forever.

SASHA’S BIRTHDAY PARTY is illustrated by MATT LUMDSEN, a design artist and author (DOGS IN THE BED), who brings the doggie birthday celebration to each reader with an array of colorful movement that will surely delight. This book is scheduled to be released in the Fall of 2014. All of my books are available for purchase here at or at


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