1. How did you get the idea to write this story?

I was at a book event at a pet store, and it was a “Halloween Costume Parade” celebration. Many animals (and their owners) came dressed in costume for this event. All the pets were so cute, yet one beautiful Husky captured my heart with his Atlantic blue eyes—stunning!

I made this stunning, black and white Husky my main character, longing and searching for his forever home. The setting takes place on a downtown street with many local shops, where people run in for a quick coffee, or dart by on their bicycles to get to work.

2. How is the theme in this story meaningful to you?

Rescued and adopted animals are important to me as I have always had a recued pets in my life. Each one of them has shared their “unconditional love” with me over the years. This lovie is priceless. I tried to capture this feeling with words using his thoughts to express his feelings.

3. Have you had rescued animals in your life?

All my pets in my life have been rescued animals. They have each added such joy to my life.

4. What is the message you want your readers to have after reading, SPARKY’s RESCUE?

Animals need homes, too. Even if you cannot adopt, perhaps donating your free time to a shelter, or by visiting a pet store where they have animals up for adoption, would indeed, bring joy to these furry friends in need of a home. As I previously shared, I just love to visit with animals, talk with them, and let them know that we care.

5. Who is the Illustrator and Publisher for your SPARKY’S RESCUE book?

Matt Lumsden, FAPA Award-winning Illustrator, once again designed and created colorful and meaningful illustrations for our SPARKY book. Steve White, PROTECTIVE HANDS COMMUNICATIONS, is my Publisher/Editor. We have teamed up for many of our books; “SPARKY’S RESCUE-a place to call home” will be my seventeenth published book.

6. Following SPARKY’S RESCUE, what are you working on now?

Currently, TEE TIME, a story about many animals that come to life on a golf course at night, is being worked on. A while back, someone shared his knowledge about the amount and variety of animals that really do come out at night to play on the golf course. This was a delight to write; a topic that really is not discussed or even thought about. I hope that both children and adults enjoy it!

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