Hot Wheels for BennyWhere did you get the idea for the story, Hot Wheels for Benny?
This story about working hard and saving your money came from Benny Bolek. Early one Saturday morning, Benny shared that when he was a youngster, his father told him that if he wanted a new bike, he would have to earn it. Benny began to do odd jobs for his neighborhood and learned that hard work really does pay off. His story captivated me, as I listened to how he completed chores for the families on Tarnow Street to buy his first bicycle. When he told me that he actually placed his coins into a pink, piggy bank, it was at that moment that I knew that I wanted to write his story.

How do you think children will relate to, Hot Wheels for Benny?
I think that in today's society, we have returned to saving our quarters, too. Not only children will relate to this story, but anyone who saves their quarters in a jar or an old, coffee can will connect with the theme in, Hot Wheels for Benny. America has returned back to basics--walking the dog, riding bicycles and even going to the park on a Saturday afternoon together. We have learned to watch our money, and yes, even to, "count our pennies." And even though this story really happened in 1953, the theme is parallel to today's way of life.

What do you hope children learn after reading, Hot Wheels for Benny?
I hope that children will realize that if you really want something in life...go for it! Anything is possible--every dream can come true! But it takes hard word and a dedicated focus to achieve your goals. Benny did it; you can to! It doesn't always happen overnight, but will perseverance and dedication, you will achieve!

After Hot Wheels for Benny, what can we look forward to reading next?
My next book will be, At the Pig Races. This, too, is another historical fiction describing the joys of going to the local, state fair every year. Children and parents, alike, will delight in the fair's pig races, as they discover, "Glorious Gabby," with her bowed legs and struggle to race like the other pigs. Then one day, the gates to racing freedom open for Gabby, delightfully so, as she finally crosses the finish line in first place! The little girl in the pink pants cheers Gabby on from the bleachers, as the two are adorned with blue ribbons during the parade down Main Street. All of my books are available for purchase here at or at


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