Where did the story for CROW NO MORE come from?
This inspirational journey of friendship came about as I had experienced many losses over the years. Additionally, I had often listened to the children who have also experienced losses, either a family member, a beloved pet, or even a dear friend of the family. I took those losses, and wrote about one specific loss--the loss of a best friend, Paul, the fisherman in CROW NO MORE. Old, Black Crow had become a part of his daily life, fishing across the Pacific Ocean. I thought, "What would happen if one day, old, Black Crow doesn't show up one day?" This became my problem, or conflict in this story. Finally, I once met a Portuguese fisherman by the name of 'Paul.' On my porch, he dropped off inspirational little books filled with positive quotes. I watched him fish in the Pacific Ocean's shoreline, casting out nearly knee deep in the salty waves. Paul became my "old, Portuguese fisherman," in CROW NO MORE.

Why did you write CROW NO MORE?
I wrote this inspirational short story for one reason - to provide children with hope. Often after a loss, I have observed children feeling empty and lost, as many of us do. I can only wish that children and adults, as well, will believe and have hope that life does continue, but in a different way. Simply, I wish to give children hope. I want them to believe, as they go through the stages of grieving the loss of a loved one, and know that their loved ones are still there, now, "changed into everlasting beauty."

What makes CROW NO MORE unique from your other children's books?
CROW NO MORE takes place in Oceanside, California, while all of my other children's books have a Florida focus. This story had to take place directly on the Pacific Ocean, as this is where I had learned the joy of fishing, and had lost a dear friend, as well. My time spent on the majestic, rocky coastline with seagulls, black crows and fisherman, filled me with inspiration to write, CROW NO MORE.

Why did you make the ending such a surprise for your readers?
Everyone wants to come away from reading a story feeling happy. As an author, and especially of children's picture books, this is important to me. In CROW NO MORE, there is a surprise ending, felt by all who read this story. When turning to the final page, there is an "ah, ha!" moment felt by the reader, confirming hope and gaining an understanding that life really does go on. The readers reach the last sentence and believe, as they see two stars shining through the parted, lace drapes.

What is the message that you want young readers to understand after reading, CROW NO MORE?
I only want the children to believe and have hope each day. No matter what the obstacles, challenges or the losses that we experience in our daily lives, we need to have hope. A day without hope is empty one. I would like for my readers to walk away feeling fulfilled with a sense of renewal. All of my books are available for purchase here at dburgg.com or at www.Amazon.com.


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