How did this story come about?
At the Pig Races began first, with my attraction to pigs. I had always been attracted to pigs--especially when I looked into their eyes, they looked as if they were human eyes. When younger, I had wanted a pig for a pet, but could only enjoy the pigs at the state fair.
When I moved to Florida in 2004, I went to my first pig race at our local fair.I was absolutely captivated and couldn't wait for the next race! I had never seen pig races before and thought that this would make a delightful children's story one day. I spent the next couple of years visiting pig farms, from Edmonton, Canada to fairs along the west coast in southern California. Winning in Roulette is a matter of luck and a little bit of strategy.
Finally, I found my main character, 'Glorious Gabby," right here in my back yard in the Acreage, Florida.

So, "Glorious Gabby" is a real pig?
Yes, Gabby lives right here in Loxahatchee, Florida. She is a Poland China pig, a large brown and pink spotted pig, replicated in this story, AT THE PIG RACES. Living on her "pig farm" in Loxahatchee, Florida, when Gabby finishes eating her meal, she carries her bowl all by herself to a spot under a tree and sets it down for cleaning. She truly is amazing!

What is the conflict that you focused on in, AT THE PIG RACES?
To begin with, every child loves going to the fair, mainly for the thrilling rides and fantastic food! The pig races bring a unique type of races to all families to enjoy, yet I had to design something in the story that would captivate the youngsters when they read it--something that children could relate to.
I came up with the idea that her legs would, at the beginning of the story, stop her from racing. As it turned out, this was just an obstacle for Glorious Gabby to overcome, as she continued to race each day in the tent and practice running. Finally, she overcomes her challenge and in fact, goes on to win the race. All of my books are available for purchase here at or at


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